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Entries from November 1, 2010 - November 30, 2010


30 for 30: Day 1 (and away we go...)

Happy Monday Lovlies! I hope everyone had a great weekend. We did- it was my brother-in-law Andy's and my brother Joe's birthdays this weekend, so we got to have some yummy dinner and spend time with family. And I had a nasty bout with strep throat last week but am back to my old self just in time to kick off the 30 for 30 Challenge. I had a hard time narrowing it down over the weekend, but I think I've got it paired down to things I can work with. I'm actually excited to do this... (well, maybe not the 30 day shopping ban, but it will be good for me, right? Right.) So, without further ado, I give you my Day 1 ensemble.





30 for 30 Challenge with Kendi Everyday


I am taking the challenge folks! One of my fave bloggers, Kendi over at Kendi Everyday has announced her Fall 30 for 30 Challenge and I've decided to hop on board. What is the 30 for 30 Challenge? I'm glad you asked...

It's all about learning to love what we have and shop our own closets ladies.

Let's let Kendi explain further, shall we?:

"The 30 for 30 is something I came up with in April to help me learn my way through my closet by remixing my clothes. So here is the basic premise, I take 30 items from my closet (shoes included) and mix them into 30 different outfits over about a month period." 


1. Pick out 30 items from your closet. Shoes are included in the count, coats and accessories (i.e. tights, jewelry, hats, gloves, and so on are not.)

2. Remix the 30 items into 30 or more outfits.

3. No shopping for 30 days. (ouch)


Here are the 30 pieces I will be remixing for the month:

So, Starting Monday, I will be remixing these 30 Items from my closet and blogging my outfits. As a show of support, my sweet hubs has even offered up a prize if I finish this little adventure-a bit of extra moolah in my shopping budget. YAY! Wish me luck!



MOvember: Moustaches for a good cause

(The beginnings of my cutie pie hubby's sweet 'stache!)

Good morning! Happy rainy Wednesday to you all! 
You may or may not know that the male population (including my husband and brother in law) is celebrating MOvember this month. You are probably wondering if I misspelled November or what I am talking about- here's what it is:
(from http://us.movember.com/about)

"The Mo, slang for moustache, and November come together each year for Movember.  
Movember challenges men to change their appearance and the face of men’s health by growing a moustache. The rules are simple, start Movember 1st  clean-shaven and then grow a moustache for the entire month. The moustache becomes the ribbon for men’s health, the means by which awareness and funds are raised for cancers that affect men.  Much like the commitment to run or walk for charity, the men of Movember commit to growing a moustache for 30 days.  
The idea for Movember was sparked in 2003 over a few beers in Melbourne, Australia.  The plan was simple – to bring the moustache back as a bit of a joke and do something for men’s health. No money was raised in 2003, but the guys behind the Mo realized the potential a moustache had in generating conversations about men’s health.  Inspired by the women around them and all they had done for breast cancer, the Mo Bros set themselves on a course to create a global men’s health movement.  

In 2004 the campaign evolved and focused on raising awareness and funds for the number one cancer affecting men – prostate cancer. 432 Mo Bros joined the movement that year, raising $55,000 for the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia - representing the single largest donation they had ever received.
The Movember moustache has continued to grow year after year, expanding to the US, UK, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland, Spain, South Africa, the Netherlands and Finland.  
In 2009, global participation of Mo Bros and Mo Sistas climbed to 255,755, with over one million donors raising $42 Million US equivalent dollars for Movember’s global beneficiary partners." 

Pretty good cause right? I am so proud of Geoff and Andy for being involved and I can't wait to see their scary facial hair grown in. Right now Geoff is working on a handlebar style...sexy!

Check out Geoff and Andy's pages here and here and donate to Movember!



Calendar Girl

Good morning! How is everyone this lovely Tuesday? I am thrilled that it is chilly and rainy in Big D today! Fall is FINALLY here! And I can't believe its November already. Time to start making Holiday plans, sending Chritmas cards soon, and making lists of all the gifts I want to get my peeps. As long as I have been able to write I have loved keeping lists and calendars. Books and notebooks and sketch pads FULL of lists, little sketches, ideas for designs, outfits, new ways to arrange my furniture, meals for the week...you name it, I have a list for it. I alwyas get excited when the end of the year comes because I get to get some new Moleskine Notbooks for my lists and a shiny new calendar. Here are some I'm considering...

How do you stay organized?


1. Cavallini 2011 Daily Planner, Colorful Bonded Leather via Kate's Paperie
2. Romantic Silhouettes Calendar by Le Papier Studio on Etsy
3. Mini Calendar with Easel by Kitty Rogers on Etsy
4. 2011 French Bulldog Calendar via Paper Source
5. 2011 Kate Spade Desk Top Spiral Calendar via Kate's Paperie
6. 2011 Persimmon Date Book via Paper Source


Skinny Cargo Pants for Girls with Curves

Happy Monday Lovely readers! Did everyone have a lovely Halloween? Hubs and I had a great weekend-we saw Saw 6 3D (um, so gross), made spooky treats (see below), went to an awesome costume party, watched lots of football & baseball, had yummy brunch at The Egg & I, and handed out candy to lots of cutie pie little ones. Whew! That's a lot for one weekend.
(oh, and I might have done a bit of shopping...)









Speaking shopping, I know the infamous J Brand Houlihan skinny cargo pants have been all over the place forever, and I have been searching for an affordable (read: NOT $230) substitute for a while. You see, lots of women in my family have meaty backsides (myself included) and while I usually embrace my lovely lady lumps, it has made it really hard to find skinny cargos that don't make me look like a triangle. I tried the ones at Gap and Old Navy to no avail and had almost lost hope when (thankyouJesus!) I spotted them at LOFT over the weekend. These are skinny and have some stretch, but are cut more loosely at the ankle than other styles I've tried- which is much more flattering to those of us with more junk in our trunks. And at 30% off (plus I had some credit from a return so I got these for a whopping $25.) Double Yay!!! I love a good bargain, especially on something I know I will wear a ton. Hoof it to Loft now and grab these puppies up (they are having a 25% off your entire purchase treat right now when you buy a pair of pants. And for some fun styling ideas, check out my little idea board below.
Happy Monday!


LOFT Stretch Twill Slim Cargo available here.

From Left to Right, top to bottom:
1. Via LOFT
2. On Khloe Kardashian via The Find
3. Via Madwell
4. On Leighton Meester via She Finds
5. Via Madwell

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