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Skinny Cargo Pants for Girls with Curves

Happy Monday Lovely readers! Did everyone have a lovely Halloween? Hubs and I had a great weekend-we saw Saw 6 3D (um, so gross), made spooky treats (see below), went to an awesome costume party, watched lots of football & baseball, had yummy brunch at The Egg & I, and handed out candy to lots of cutie pie little ones. Whew! That's a lot for one weekend.
(oh, and I might have done a bit of shopping...)









Speaking shopping, I know the infamous J Brand Houlihan skinny cargo pants have been all over the place forever, and I have been searching for an affordable (read: NOT $230) substitute for a while. You see, lots of women in my family have meaty backsides (myself included) and while I usually embrace my lovely lady lumps, it has made it really hard to find skinny cargos that don't make me look like a triangle. I tried the ones at Gap and Old Navy to no avail and had almost lost hope when (thankyouJesus!) I spotted them at LOFT over the weekend. These are skinny and have some stretch, but are cut more loosely at the ankle than other styles I've tried- which is much more flattering to those of us with more junk in our trunks. And at 30% off (plus I had some credit from a return so I got these for a whopping $25.) Double Yay!!! I love a good bargain, especially on something I know I will wear a ton. Hoof it to Loft now and grab these puppies up (they are having a 25% off your entire purchase treat right now when you buy a pair of pants. And for some fun styling ideas, check out my little idea board below.
Happy Monday!


LOFT Stretch Twill Slim Cargo available here.

From Left to Right, top to bottom:
1. Via LOFT
2. On Khloe Kardashian via The Find
3. Via Madwell
4. On Leighton Meester via She Finds
5. Via Madwell


Suede Heels Under $50 (& H&M is Coming to Dallas!!!!!)

Christmas has come early this year to Dallas shoppers-it was just announced that H&M is FINALLY opening a store at Northpark Center in Dallas the second half of 2011!!! YAAAAAYYY! I am so excited (I think my hubs might be a little afraid- haha!)

Ok, Lauren, breathe. Moving on. I have been on the hunt for cute fall heels that I could wear to work or on date night. I am thinking something in a yummy suede will fit the bill, but I am really sticking to my shopping budget so they need to be affordable. Good thing there are so many cute bargain options right now. Check out some of my fave options here...

What are you craving for fall right now?





A Patriotic Look for Less

I spent a good amount of time this weekend shopping- I hit up Northpark and The Shops at Willow Bend for some goodies (and we shopped for Geoff's wedding suit-YAY!) Anthropologie at Northpark was packed- I guess it was all of the super cute sale stuff they had out. I was good and didn't pick up anything at Anthro (though my wishlist is growing rapidly...) but I did get a super cute Anthro-esque top at Forever 21. So excited! Check out the original Bouquet of Stripes Tee from Anthropologie, and the cute navy tank version that I am wearing today. I have been meaning to start posting my fave outfits, so I guess this is also my inaugural outfit post. WOOT! Have a lovely Monday all!



Bouquet of Stripes Tee from Anthropologie (still in stores, no longer online)

My cute F21 Knockoff (couldn't find this one online either but it was new in stores so maybe it'll pop up soon!)