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Entries from March 1, 2011 - March 31, 2011


Dear Husband...

(The Night We Met!)

Dear Husband...

Do you know how much I hate it when you have to go on business trips? I miss sleeping next to you- the bed always feels too big when you're gone. There is one thing I like though-when we have to talk on the phone and text all day without seeing each other, it reminds me of when we were first dating and we'd spend forever on the phone, talking and laughing. I don't miss the long distance dating, the driving back and forth, or the sad end-of-weekend goodbye's, but I do love remembering when were were first together.

And I still get butterflies when I'm picking you up at the airport.
Probably because you look so cute in your businessman clothes.



Styling: J. Crew Dorrie Skirt


Styling: J. Crew Dorrie Skirt
click photo for shopping details

Hi there! How are all my lovelies? I am glad its Thursday-the week is almost up. And, I'm a little sad/excited today. Its my last day at my old job and I am going to miss my coworkers so much (I'm talking to you Natalie!) Nat and I have become so close and I'm totally bummed I won't see her everyday. Plus, she's been taking my OOTD photos (she's super talented!) and now I'm either going to have to get a tripod and remote or work on the hub's photo skills. He's learning (sort of...) Love you honey.

Anywho, I'm on to a new job, with new opporunites. Add that to our approaching 6 month wedding anniversary, new hair, a thriving new freelance business, new goals before I hit the big 3-0, and several fun trips this year, and I've got a so much to be grateful for. Its going to be an amazing year!

Finally, starting a new job always means a little shopping right? right. I am so in love with J. Crew's Orange Dorrie skirt. It is so versitile- I can't wait to rock this puppy at work and on the weekends. Take a look at some of the ways I'll be styling this seasonless staple.

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One Pretty Thing (& Win a $50 Anthro Giftcard!)

Good morning! Its Hump day- hooray! (Not that kind...you guys are such dirty birds.) Glad the week is halfway done and my hubby comes home from his business trip tonight!

Anywho, do you like this blouse? I am a little obsessed with it. Ok, a LOT obsessed with it. Want to get $50 to put toward whatever your little heart desires at Anthro? I want to remind you that my $50 Anthropologie Giftcard Giveaway ends THIS FRIDAY! Get your party panties on and enter! (And tell your friends!)
Everyone likes pretty free stuff right?



Its Graphic Design Barbie


Ok, maybe not. Because... a.) Barbie is a stick figure and I enjoy carbs, and b.) My hair isn't THAT blonde... But it is much lighter-and I have bangs. Thanks to my current obsession with J. Lo, (...not American Idol...Not her music...Mostly just her hair) I popped into my stylist's chair Saturday morning with carmel-y colored highlights in mind. I am loving the change- a girl's gotta mix it up every once in a while.

Anything new in your world?



Style File: Bookworm

Shirt: H&M  |  Belt: Husband's  |  Green Skinny Cargos: LOFT  |  Flower Pin: Anthroplogie  |  
Suede Mary Jane Booties: Mia

Happy Monday pretties! Did everyone have a nice weekend? I did! Friday we had date night with steaks and cocktails at our favorite place. Then Saturday, I got my hair cut and dyed (bangs and blonde! Can't wait to show you!) and we spent a lot of time relaxing at home in our pjs-so lovely. Then yesterday, we ran 8 miles (only 3 weeks till the half marathon-yikes!) I am so SORE this morning! It will all be worth it though when I cross that finish line with the hubs!

So this outfit is from last week, but I'm cool with that. Besides, you don't want to see my running capris and yoga pants. I loved doing this shoot with my talented friend Natalie- she has such an amazing eye! We had a blast running around Barnes and Noble being embarrassing. Its funny, but the older I get, the less I care who is staring at me like I'm a lunatic. 

I love this H&M checked shirt- and paired with cargos, its the perfect casual outfit to wear wandering around a bookstore, reading and sipping coffee.

Oh, and while I was waiting for my coffee, the Starbucks employees were talking about making a citizen's arrest because I was photographing the place. Weirdos.

And speaking of books, here are my currents and all time faves...

Currently Reading
The Pillars of the Earth, Ken Follet
The House at Riverton, Kate Morton 

All-Time Favorites
Her Fearful Symmetry, Audrey Niffennegger
The Kitchen House, Kathleen Grissom
Life of Pi, Yann Martel
To Kill a Mockingbird, Harper Lee