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Entries from December 1, 2010 - December 31, 2010


First Whisperings

First Whisperings Dress: Anthropologie  |  Gray Tights: Hue  |  Boots: J Crew
Bomber Jacket: F21  |   Key Necklace: Gift from Hubs on Honeyomoon

I. Love. This. Dress.
Yay for Anthro's big sale!

And yay for Christmas Date tonight with the Hubs- we're going to have yummy dinner and exchange our gifts- just the two of us. I am giddy with excitement.
Gosh I love that man!



Its beginning to look a lot like cheese sauce


Tons of Christmas cards in the mail.
Especially the ones with cute babies all over them.

Spending the evening with the Hubs' parents drinking wine, cooking and chatting.

 Flank Steak with Gorgonzola Cream Sauce. I could seriously drink this sauce...

The HUGE Sale at Anthropologie right now. This & this now live at my house.

All our old ornaments and stockings from when we were little.
And then Hubs telling stories about when he was little- he tells the best stories. 

Mixing Patterns.

Our first married Christmas. 


New Portfolio Site, Yo

Hey kids! Welcome to Tuesday-and the first official day of Winter! So why is it 80 degrees in DFW today? Seriously. (Thank goodness its a short week. And we get to eat pie soon. Lots of pie. And see our family. And play games. Man, I love Christmas!) The thought of an impending holiday is enough to get me through the rest of the week. We spent a long weekend with Geoff's parents in town- running around, eating a ton and doing some shopping. The hubs' mom can do some serious shopping! She is hardcore. Love it.

Also, I would like to introduce you guys to my new portfolio website. My day job is as an Art Director for a small design firm in Dallas, and I finally reached my goal of building a site dedicated to my design work.
Please pop by and take a peek if you would like. I am also working on my Etsy invitation shop and hope to have that puppy open in the spring. Lots going on here!

And, OK, I was hoping you wouldn't notice, but I am still finishing the 30 for 30 remix challenge. I am almost done! Sooo Close.... ( I will have the final 4 posted soon!)



Honey Bun (30 for 30 Day 26)

Good morning! Its finally Thursday. Woot. (But since I have tomorow off its my Friday!) I totally need that extra day to get caught up and finish all my little Christmas elf errands. My shopping is all done but need to finish some wrapping & other little projects. I actually feel like I am on top of things this year- which is toally rare.

And husband's parents are coming to visit on Saturday! We can't wait. I am so blessed to have in laws that I love spending time with-they are hilarious and so so so much fun.

So that's me in a nutshell right now. Fascinating? Time Person of the Year Material? Um, No. But we in the bloggy wold can't be interesting all the time right? That's just too much pressure.

As is doing my hair somedays. I just can't be counted on to be perfectly coiffed at all times. Sometimes its a miracle if I make it out of the house fully dressed with any makeup on. As I was fixing my hair I remembered Miss Sydney at The Daybook posted a fun tutorial for her "Carrie Bun" so I gave it a go. And kind of loved it. So what if the hubs says I look a bit like Mrs. Garrison from The Facts of Life? I think I look like a ballerina. (Maybe my ballet name could be "Grey Goose" instead of "Black Swan"...seems much more fitting...)


Jacket: Harold's (from a million years ago)  |  Tshirt: Gap  |  Jeans: Gap Always Skinny
Flats: Jessica Simpson  |  Watch: Fossil  |  Scarf: Vintage-Grandmother's


Um, Wow (30 for 30 Day 25)

This top is stunning. Must. Have. (Insert whining and pouty lip face...)

Is everyone done with the 30 for 30 but me? I thought so. Here's numero 25.
Feeling a little school girly today.