Honey Bun (30 for 30 Day 26)
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Good morning! Its finally Thursday. Woot. (But since I have tomorow off its my Friday!) I totally need that extra day to get caught up and finish all my little Christmas elf errands. My shopping is all done but need to finish some wrapping & other little projects. I actually feel like I am on top of things this year- which is toally rare.

And husband's parents are coming to visit on Saturday! We can't wait. I am so blessed to have in laws that I love spending time with-they are hilarious and so so so much fun.

So that's me in a nutshell right now. Fascinating? Time Person of the Year Material? Um, No. But we in the bloggy wold can't be interesting all the time right? That's just too much pressure.

As is doing my hair somedays. I just can't be counted on to be perfectly coiffed at all times. Sometimes its a miracle if I make it out of the house fully dressed with any makeup on. As I was fixing my hair I remembered Miss Sydney at The Daybook posted a fun tutorial for her "Carrie Bun" so I gave it a go. And kind of loved it. So what if the hubs says I look a bit like Mrs. Garrison from The Facts of Life? I think I look like a ballerina. (Maybe my ballet name could be "Grey Goose" instead of "Black Swan"...seems much more fitting...)


Jacket: Harold's (from a million years ago)  |  Tshirt: Gap  |  Jeans: Gap Always Skinny
Flats: Jessica Simpson  |  Watch: Fossil  |  Scarf: Vintage-Grandmother's

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