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Entries from February 1, 2010 - February 28, 2010


Lessons learned from Olivia

I have blogged about Olivia Palermo before, and while I refuse to comment on her as a person (because its not nice to judge someone you don't know...) I could talk all day long about her style. I absolutely adore her taste-this girl is always spot-on! I often look to her for ideas and inspiration (thank goodness she's photographed a lot.) So, in order to pass along the fashiony-wisdom of Olivia, here are a few things I've learned from style-stalking her, along with some of her greatest hits and Olivia-like pieces that working class peeps like moi can afford. Enjoy!


Images via Getty

So have we studied the above images enough? Now we all know the style commandments Olivia lives by, right? Right. Here are the lessons I've learned from her...

1. Dress like a Lady.
This is one of my favorite things about her-she never shows too much and yet always looks sexy.

2. Blazers: The Great Unifier.
I love that she will throw one on over everything from a white T and jeans to a gorgeous printed maxi dress. Jackets instantly pull a look together without looking like you are trying too hard. Its also a great way to incorporate the menswear look into a girly outfit.

3. Black Tights. Gotta have 'em.
They go with everything and I love that she pairs them with both dresses and with shorts (making them evening-appropriate.) Plus, they are a great way to show a lot of leg without overdoing it. (see #1)

4. Belt it.
If you know me personally, you know this is one of my own style commandments. Eveything looks more polished when belted.

5. Use Black as an Anchor...
Olivia (like my future sis-in-law) wears a lot of black and grey, and uses these colors to anchor her outfits and let the truly standout pieces shine.

6. But Add Pops of color.
I love that she always add a pop of color- be it a bright clutch or a great yellow heel. It can take a simple suit or sleek solid dress to the next level (without being too matchy-matchy.)

7. Soft, pretty makeup, shiny hair and a smile go along way.
'Nuf said.


And Finally, some (affordable) Olivia-inspired pieces

Classic Black Blazer from BCBGeneration available here.

Pop Gray Menswear Pants and a jacket with strppy platforms in a hot color.
Star Ling 'Pan' Sandal available here.


So Olivia! A ladylike cut in a gorgeous color- all you need is a balck belt and some platforms!
Eliza J Cotton Piqué Sheath Dress available here.

And speaking of belts...

Braided Licorice Belt from Anthropologie.

Pyramid Trim Wide Belt from Forever 21.

Calf Hair Belt available here.


Nothing Rhymes with Orange

And, according to Geoff, nothing goes with orange either. When we decided to live in sin, we each brought one bedside table to the mix. These bedside tables don't even come close to matching. Mine is painted black with a black & white striped top, and Geoff's is honey-colored wood. Lets just say neither goes with our chocolate leather upholstered headboard and blue-gray bedding. I love the eclectic look, and prefer things not to be too matchy-matchy, but these tables are so far out of left field that something must be done. So, I have been fantasizing about painting them both orange. Yes, orange. "Lauren, that's not very bedroom-y or soothing," you say...(and Geoff would agree) but I really think it might work. Besides, I've been dying to paint some piece of furniture in our bedroom orange since I saw this photo (below) of a room by amazing designer Ruthie Sommers. Awesome.

Her work was featured on the very first cover of (the now defunct) Domino Magazine (sob) and I've been obsessed with her work ever since. Perhaps when all the wedding madness blows over, I will tackle the beside tables. I'll let you know what happens. In the meantime, have a lovely Tuesday!


A Ruthie Sommers bedroom from her book The L.A. House

Painted Dresser by Dallas's own Again & Again. LOVE this store!

Stunning Orange Dresser via Flickr

Ok, so its not a piece of painted furniture, but I adore the striking orange wall as a backdrop to soothing cream tones. Photo via Living Etc.


And last, but not least, another example of a perfect color story in this bedroom designed by Betsy Burham. Yum. Photo via Lonny Magazine (pg 127 of the current issue.) If you have not checked out this online home publication, you must! Go now!


R is for Ruffles (not the delicious potato chip ones...)

Good Monday Morning all! I hope you had a lovely, romantic Valentines weekend. We did! Dallas even got a record FOOT of snow- so it was a snow day for me and G on Friday. We even ventured outside to make an Abominable Snow Westie (complete with Oreo Cookie eyes and nose.) He looks just like Calvin, right? Except that Cal is gross and sort of a yellowish shade, and Geoff says he smells like a Cheeto...anyway, I digress...

On to the ruffles! (Which, by the way, I can't seem to get enough of.) And lucky for me-they are everywhere. These sunny, yummy, girly numbers are the antidote to all the blucky weather we've been having. Spring-are you almost here?


Tutu Tank from Anthropologie

Colorblock Ruffle Romper at Arden B
Definitely need tyhis one for the honeymoon :)

Ruffled Shower Curtain from India Rose
If I didn't have to share my bathroom with a boy, I would already have this in fushcia...

Kensie Confetti Streaks Ruffle Bottom Dress from Piperlime

Waterfall Ruffle Curtain from Urban Outfitters

Ruffle Front Blouse from Victorias Secret


Fashiony-Girl Crushes

Good Monday Morning all! It is totally disgusting in Dallas today-all rainy and such. Gag. It was such a chore to get to work this morning-it was like national "run-Lauren-down-in-your-big-hunting-truck-day." Seriously?Sheesh. Anyway, I arrived alive and well and promptly began slurping down coffee & checking my morning blogs. I have to say, I always read my design blogs later in the day (ie. Decor 8, Creature Comforts, Design Sponge, Made by Girl, Making it Lovely...I could go on forever...(check my "blogs i heart" link for a full list) but I am ALWAYS dying to read the fashion blogs first. Nothing starts my day off better. Join me, won't you? 


I cannot get enough of Chloe (above) over at The Chloe Conspiracy.
I adore her writing style-she is hysterical & very honest & her style is so fabulous!
Plus, she has to of the cutest long haired chihuahuas ever! 


Also totally addicted to Emily (above) at Cupcakes and Cashmere.
Could she be anymore stunning, funny, and fashionable?
I think not. 

Next is one of my fave Indie fashion bloggers, the fabulous face behind Second Skin.
She is the queen of affordable & inspiring. 

Anh over at 9 to 5 Chic is on the other side of the coin.
I visit her when I need pulled-together, more corporate looks.
She nails it every time. And could she be prettier?


Vintage Valentine 

Love it or hate it, Valentine's day is on the way. I've been in both categories, but this year, being engaged and all, I am (of course) the poster child for all things love. Well, within reason. We will definitely have a yummy dinner (Bailey's Prime Plus, here we come!) but thats about it. Anything extra we spend will just come out of the honeymoon spa fund, and I am so not down with that. How does a girl express her soppy-mushy-loviness to her fiance without breaking the bank? With a good old-fashioned Valentine card-that's how.
Good thing there are plenty of cool options all over the place-enjoy some of my faves:


What a gorgeous keepsake!
Think Of Me Handkerchief Valentine from Anthropologie

Vintage Valentine Postcards from Anthropologie

"So Sweet" Wooden Valentine from Urban Outfitters


What says I heart you better than Mexican wrestlers? Nothing, thats what.

Ok, so maybe this one's not vintage, but in our house-this means a lot!
I Love You More Than my iPhone Valentines Day Card by tisascreations on Etsy


And last but not least...

This little guy might not be the exact same, but he reminds me of the cutest animal video ever, so he gets a special mention. Plus, it gives me an excuse to watch this another 40 times!

Big Eyes - Be Mine Card by franticmeerkat on Etsy

Slow loris loves getting tickled on YouTube