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Such a (Beautiful) Lush

Good morning! I hope everyone is having a lovely Cinco de Mayo.

I'm switching things up around the old blog with some reviews of my fave beauty products today! I have to say, I am no beauty expert, but I love products and am constantly trying and testing new things to make my beauty routine as good as possible. And, with our wedding approaching (and the HOT Texas summer!) I have been on the hunt for products that make my skin glow, my body tan, my hair not melt, and my makeup stay put. Not an easy task! Please scroll on down for reviews and info on some of my favorite beauty must-haves.

Plus, Geoff came back from a Vegas business trip with some goodies for yours truly from Lush- a bath and body company out of Canada. The company uses organic, vegetarian ingredients, products are not tested on animals, and they smell and feel DIVINE! I especially love the Flying Fox Shower Gel. It was created to help ease PMS (I wonder why Geoff thought of me...) and its chock-full of yummy jasmine and honey and smells amazing. I've been using it before bed and sleeping like a baby. The Vanilla Delite Body Lotion and Smitten Hand Cream also smell like dessert and work great- I love how they moisturize without being greasy or sticky. I plan to be a Lush Devotee from now on!

Now on to the rest of the reviews...
Have a beautiful Wednesday!


1. Flying Fox Shower Gel via Lush
2. Smitten Hand Cream
via Lush
3. Vanilla Delite Lotion
via Lush

4. Model in a Bottle via here
I found this stuff through a makeup artist in Austin. She says she uses it on all her brides to make their makeup stay put the whole wedding day. Upon further research, I found Oprah is also a fan! I ordered some and have been testing it out. You just spray it on after applying your makeup and let dry. And your makeup really does stay on much longer. I did have to reapply my lip gloss (cause, let's face it, nothing keeps that stuff on...) but no concealer or powder touch ups were needed. This will definitely be p[art of my wedding day makeup arsenal.

5. Clairsonic Face Brush via here
I have struggled with acne my whole life. And not just the "I got a pimple once in the 8th grade" kind of acne. I'm talking serious stuff people. And it has taken lots of good skin care, laser & clear light treatments and doctor visits to get (and keep) my skin under control. So I am willing to do just about anything to take good care of this well-earned clear skin. Which is why I cleanse daily with my Clairsonic Brush. Made by the sonic toothbrush people, this little gadget gets skin 6 times cleaner than manual washing, and exfoliates in the process. Plus, products work much better and skin is super soft and clean. Its a little pricey, but clear, pretty skin is a necessity in my book-so this magic brush is definitely a must have!

6. St Tropez Tanning Lotion via here
I am super fair skinned, and try to stay out of the sun as much as possible, but I still want to have a tan glow- who doesn't? I've tried tons of tanning lotions and potions, and have to say, St. Tropez Tanning Lotion is my fave. It has a slight green tin when applied that counteracts that orange look for a truly natural looking (and dark) tan. I'm a little obsessed.

7. Urban Decay Eye Primer Potion via here
This stuff keeps my eye makeup on no matter what- even after a spin class!! Its truly amazing. Just apply on bare lids, add eye makeup, and prepare to be amazed.

8. Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray via here
My new hair lady used this at my last appointment and I was amazed by how versatile it is. Use on wet hair with a diffuser to make gorgeous beachy waves, or spray on roots to give 'em some oomph. If you live in Dallas, you gotta have some height to your hair, and this makes it happen (without making you look like an extra on The Jersey Shore.)

9. Bion Salicylic & Glycolic Serum via here
To keep my skin clear, exfoliation is key. And this stuff does the trick. I use it in the morning after cleansing and before moisturizer (with SPF of course.) At night, I use Retin-A and more moisturizer. These things combined keep skin clear and wrinkles at bay (its all about prevention, people.)

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