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Sash Panache

Happy Wednesday lovelies! I hope everyone is having a wonderful week. Other than pulling my neck getting dressed yesterday (getting old...) my week has been splendid. I even saw Jane of Sea of Shoes yesterday at Blue Mesa- she is even more beautiful, and tiny, in person. 

So, if you have visited my little blog before, you know that I am smack-dab in the middle of planning our September wedding (eek! 4 months to go!) My goals this month are to finish a boatload of DIY projects, get G's wedding band, and finish accessorizing my dress. I already have lovely green shoes, and am wearing G's grandmother's stunning pearls, but now I'm on the hunt for the perfect sash for the waist of my dress. I have gone round and round- do I want a green sash to match my shoes with a flower on it? Or maybe something sparkly? I'm even considering making my own with a trip to the notions store (check out this great DIY sash post from Classic Bride.)  Here are some of my fave options from etsy and some inspiration photos. I'll let you know what I decide! 


Image via Ashley's Bride Guide


1. Lolita Bridal Sash via LoBoheme on etsy
2. Pearl Vintage Ivory Sash via Bridal Shoppe on etsy
3. Crystals & Pearls Wedding Sash via Little White Dresser on etsy
4. Tulle & Bead Sash via Twisted Crystals on etsy
5. Huaka Crystal Sash via Kirsten Kuehn Designs on etsy

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