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B is for Bird

Yes, I realize that birds have been a big thing for a while now- they are literally on everything from jewelry to art to upholstery. I even use bird and wing themes in my own paintings. But I seriously can't get enough. Especially since I fell in love with a local artist named Judy Paul. We carry some of her work at Four Hands and I have been coveting it ever since it arrived. I also really relate to her philosophy on both painting and life:
"Known for her spontaneity in developing images, Judy's style of painting incorporates traditional techniques as well as the non-traditional such as incorporating digital photography, vintage papers, and typography into her collage paintings. Nature is her inspiration as she intuitively blends shapes, color and texture for an exciting, refined result. Each of Judy's paintings is a journey. "Sometimes the paintings start out as one subject or image and then evolve into something completely different. Painting is like living -- you start out with a plan and stay open to the opportunities as you move along."
Please visit her website for more information on this very talented woman (JudyPaul.com) and enjoy some of her work below:

"Black Birds"

"C Bird"

"Outside In 2"


Moonshine & Macaroni...

There are few things I love more about Austin than the amount of restaurants it has- and not just restaurants- but super yummy ones. One of my new favs is Moonshine (between 3rd & 4th on Red River). I went last night with 2 of my favorite people, Taylor and Grace, for a good-ol' fashioned girls night. We started with the Spinach & Artichoke Fondue & Fried Asparagus Spears & cocktails- all very yummo. Then we split 2 fish dishes that also rocked my socks off.

But the hands-down favorite of the night was the macaroni- its baked and comes in its own little dish with cruchy stuff on top- super deelish. Moonshine - and their fantastic macaroni - is not to be missed people!


Blurb.com Rocks my Socks!

Have you guys heard of Blurb? Its a company online that will print and bind a book you design. I used this website to make a book for Geoff's 40th birthday, and it turned out so well!! (See some photos from the book-40 Years of Geoff, below...caption were provided by his Dad :) The applications for books are endless (wedding albums, promotional pieces, photo books, kids books- you name it!) and they are super affordable. Also, you download this software called BookSmart and just pop in your pics and text-just lovely. Happy blurbing.....



Viva Cabo!

As I was going through our vacation photos from our trip to Cabo San Lucas for Geoff's birthday, I was thinking-not only about the fabulous time we had (see a few pics below), but also about how beautiful the country and its culture are. The girls and I couldn't stop ooh-ing and ah-ing over all the yummy textiles and pottery we found everywhere, not to mention the gorgeous patios and pools all over the place- which got me thinking about the perfect outdoor space and how I could bring a little Cabo charm home. Look below the vaca pics to see a few ideas to make your outdoor spaces Muy Bonita!

The boys heading out to sea for their deep sea fishing adventure.

The famous Arch

Geoff realing in a 150-pound striped marlin!

Nicole and I outside the Giggling Marlin
Binny, Nicole and I at the Hotel RIU Santa Fe

Dancing with the Mariachis at "The Office"

Geoff and I at Baja Cantina

Cabo-Inspired Outdoor Living

from Domino Magazine

Pottery Barn Outdoor Swing

Outdoor Rugs from West Elm

Metal Star Lantern Available at Rods.com

Mexican Talavera Pottery

Pressed-Tin Hearts available at Tesoro's Trading Company in Austin


I Heart Yoga Yoga

In my quest to find some sort of excercise I enjoy, and to tame my ADD-ridden, overly-anxious personality, I decided to try a Kundalini yoga class at Yoga Yoga here in Austin. I was excited, but a bit curious about the description of "chanting" and the use of a gong mentioned in the brochure- relaxing? or a lot of new-age hooey? Well, I have to tell you- it was amazing. My instructor Linda was very sweet and explained everything in detail, and, though the chanting was a little unnerving at first, it actually kind of grew on me. It was nice to be in a room filled with people who are open to trying new ways to relax and improve themselves, like a little community. And after 75 minutes of bliss-which included breathing excercises, meditation, strenghtening moves (I'm still sore), and yes, even a gong, they give you the yummiest yogi tea (basically warm chai). I left feeling all lossey-goosey and warm and can't wait to go back- I heart you yoga yoga!