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What a lovely idea

I am a planner. And a list-making fanatic. And a ridiculous romantic. All of these little traits mean that I love documenting things about our relationship-and its only gotten worse since we've gotten engaged! I'm writing down every little thing so that I never forget this amazingly sweet time in our lives. This is why I am so in love with this "DIY Catalog of Love" project posted by Grace of Design Sponge (via Grace Light's sweet blog Poetic Home.) The latter Grace made this gift for her hubby to celebrate their 2-year anniversary.

Here's what she says:
"This is an antique wooden library card catalog box that now will hold the chapters of our relationship and life together. I created faux Dewey Decimal catalog cards, where the book number is replaced by milestone dates, chapters of our love overwrites book titles, and important locations substitute publisher cities. One day, when we are both old and wrinkled, I hope we will be able to fill the box completely with our life’s chapters together."

What a beautiful way to celebrate an anniversary or wedding-I can't wait to make ours!
Thank you to the two Graces for sharing!

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OMG, I love this, I have an old notebook where I wrote some of our first dates down in, this is much cooler and cuter!! I am going to make one for my little family!! Yay!!

10.1.2009 | Unregistered CommenterGrace Pfeiffer

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