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I Heart Thomas Paul

Thomas Paul is a design genius. In my never-ending quest to redecorate my bedroom ( including the endless search for the perfect whited udvet cover...) I have been searchinbg high and low for the perfect grpahic-cool throw pillows. And, by golly, Thomas Paul has hit the nail right on the head with his amazing aesthetic. I especially love all of his pillows- esp the balck peacock one shown below (that Tori Spelling has in red in her home on Tori & Dean:Home Sweet Hollywood, my newest embarrasing TV obsession, but I digress...) Once I figure out my bedroom color scheme some of these beauties will come live with me.....

You can view all of his gorgeous designs at http://thomaspaul.com/

and purchase the entire line at http://www.velocityartanddesign.com/tp.html

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