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Entries from December 1, 2008 - December 31, 2008


All I want for Christmas...

Is world peace. Really! This year has been so amazing and I have been blessed a hundred times over. I really couldn't ask for more. God is so good (and the reason for this wonderful Holiday in the first place!)

But if I HAD to make my ultimate wish list...OK, you twisted my arm...
Here are my ultimate Christmas picks. A girl can dream right?
Domino: the Book of Decorating available here.

Absolutely ANYTHING from Anthroplogie!
Voluspa Cocoa Tamarind Perfume available here.

The gift of Sanity...a Yoga Yoga giftcard!

Buttery Leather Bomber Jacket from Gap. GORGEOUS & CLASSIC!
Stemless Wine Glasses available here.
Yummy Chocolate Thomas O' Brien towels at Target.


Bookworms & DIYers Rejoice

I am such a fan of giving books as gifts! Especially now that there are so many amazing choices- literally (get it?!! Haha!) one for everyone on your list. Here are a few of my new faves: all of which teach new skills (from breathing fire to how to dress) and all are available at Urban Outfitters. Happy Reading!
"Show me How" by Derek Fagerstrom and Lauren Smith (available here.)
A series of almost 500 how-to's ranging from the essential (How to perform CPR) to the insane (How to fight a shark) FUN!
The Lucky Guide to Mastering Any Style by Kim France and Andrea Linett (available here.)
THE fashion bible from the editors of my fave magazine. A MUST for any fashionista...

Stencil 101 by Ed Roth. (available here.)
A book of fun stencils for all your customization needs!

Sew U: Home Stretch by Beci Orpin (available here.
The Built by Wendy Guide to sewing Knits-the patterns are just too cute!

Masters of Poster Design by John Foster (available here.)
OMG! These people have some mad skills. So Inspired!

Print Liberation by Nick Paparone & Jamie Dillon (available here.)
A comprehensive how-to on screen printing- for any budget!
The Big Ass Book of Crafts by Mark Montano (available here.)
With fun projects like the bean wall panel and custom Warhol print shown below.


Where have I been?

Hello all! I hope everyone's Thanksgiving was yummy and lovely! I feel like I have fallen off the face of the earth lately-and I apologize for being a bad blogger. I had a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday back home in Lubbock, and the weekend was even more special because my brother GOT MARRIED! It was so beautiful and I am so thrilled for Joe and his new wife (and my new sis) Crystal. I love you guys both so much! 

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