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Entries from August 1, 2008 - August 31, 2008


Red Hot & Turquoise

So, I arrived back in Austin last night (at 12:45am! Stupid flight delays..) from an oh-so-relaxing trip to Tucson, AZ to visit Geoff's folks. It was beautiful! The trip basically consisted of laying by the pool, drinking yummy wine, riding around in golf carts, hanging with G's sweet family, getting massages and facials, and eating, eating,eating some of the best food I've ever had. lemme just tell you, I so did not want to get on that flight yesterday! Here are a few pics of the trip. Please to enjoy...

Lanterns lighting the way to the most gorgeous, yummiest restaurant ever (that I can't remember the name of right now...sad.)

Giant Saguaro Cactus!

At the Omni where his parents live.

Lunch at "Legends"

One of G's mom's beautiful flowers.

Andy & Nic take a ride. This was our primary mode of transportation during the trip. (Besides the Pimped out Grand Marquis that G rented-it was so ghetto, but of course he loved it!)
The view from the driveway!

So, in honor of our trip (and inspired by G's Mom's fab turquoise earrings), here is some Arizona-inspired fashion. A little boho, a little southwestern, and all gorgeous! Enjoy....

Reminds me of all the sweet little birds we saw in Tucson- and the cactus flowers-Beautiful!
Joie De Vivre by RachelleD (available on Etsy here.)

Turquoise is so Arizona. These earrings are amazing!
Greenwich Gate Earrings by sulablu (available on Etsy, here.)

This has both a southwestern and a sophisticated vibe- like a boho-cool bag for the office.
Folio Briefcase Bag from Urban Outfitters (available here.)

I love love love the elegance of their riding boots with a neutral sweater dress- its the perfect fall uniform.
New Fall Look from Anthropologie (available here.)

How gorgeous is the mix of the rich red with the turquoise?
New Fall Look from Anthropologie (available here.)

Gorgeous, perfect buttery leather bomber jacket. This would look so perfect to take my long printed maxi dresses into fall. Might even add my great beat up cowboy boots...Too bad its more than my rent!
Country Roads Bomber at Free People (available here.)


Happy Birfday Mom & Dad!

My parents are both turning 52 this year- two weeks apart! Happy birfday guys- I love you so much! (Aren't they adorable?) Also, I am headed to Tucson to hang with Geoff's parentals- back on Wednesday. Have a lovely weekend all!


Oh Baby!

Is there something in the water? Everyone is having babies! Maybe its the whole springtime thing-who knows? But, as my friends' bumps grow bigger, my mind turns to thoughts of baby gifts. My friend Miranda, who is having twins, is doing her nursery in a monkey theme which got me on Etsy searching for monkey-themed baby goodness. And oh boy did I find it-check out these hats from Citefuzz on Etsy (available here.) I can't even stand the cuteness. And, since I am sans-baby, maybe Geoff will let me put one on Calvin....hmmm, maybe not.

Some other yummy baby goods on Etsy:

Funky Monkey Orange and Red Mop it Up Burp and Bum Rags
by PearlyGrey on Etsy (available here.)

Alphabet onesie and burp cloth set -- You pick the fabrics
by BellaBludesigns on Etsy(available here.)

Um- can I have these in my size please!!!!
Samantha Booties
by frostingcouture on Etsy (available



Ugh-work today is INSANE! Please enjoy this kitteh while I bust some serious design ass....

(thank you to I Can Has Cheezburger)


Stamp Tramp

If you've known me for a while, you might remember that stint of stamp jewelry I did for a while. I still love stamps- they are like tiny little works of art! Which is why I was so thrilled with this super duper easy and beautiful way to transform stamps into Magnets in the newest issue of Ready Made magazine. Pick yours up for full instructions and view the cute little creations below. Happy Monday!