Leopard: Not just for hookers and pin-ups
Lauren in Fashion, My Favorite Things, Retail Therapy

I adore a good leopard print. I love that it is classic, seasonless and glamourous. I love throwing pops of it on with an outfit to take it up a notch: my gorgeous vintage leopard bag from my granny, ponyhair leopard flats, a silk scarf, an adorable printed chiffon blouse...all of these make me smile. And makes my husband wrinkle up his nose. He hates animal prints (bless him) - saying its only for hookers and pin-ups. Not so, dear hubs. I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree.

Here are some of my fave leopard inspiration photos and my outfit from yesterday- featuring my fave Boden leopard cardi. Enjoy!


1st Image by me, all other image credits available here

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