Dear Husband...
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Happy Friday lovely readers! I have an announcement... I've decided to devote my Friday posts to my husband. Why? Well, I love the concept of Today's Letters and read it everyday. The Loerkes are such a sweet couple and their blog is such an inspiration to celebrate all of the moments in marriage-both big and small. I love the idea of being able to go back through these posts and remember the millions of things that make my husband so amazing. So here we go...

Dear Husband...
This year, we celebrated our first Christmas and New Years Eve as marrieds- here's to a bazillion more. I love that we are making our own traditions-like having a Christmas Date & opening our gifts just the two of us and exchanging ornaments every year as keepsakes.

We are one week into our training for our first Half Marathon and you are THE BEST training partner. I look forward to our runs together so much! I couldn't do this without your encouragement and support. When we were almost home last night and I really wanted to stop, you put your hand on my back to let me know you were right behind me, and I knew I could make it the rest of the way.

Thank you for bringing me coffee in bed every morning and kissing my nose before you get up. And for being so sweet when I have bad dreams- you know just what to do to make me feel better.  I want to always remember all the funny, sweet, amazing things you do for me.

You are the best. I'm so lucky to be your wife.


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