Twigs & Branches & Sticks, Oh My!
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I have decided that wedding flowers can be tricky. All the brides that have already planned a wedding are rolling their eyes with a big fat "duh" right now, but I guess every bride has to figure out things for herself, right? So the on my mind right now is all things floral. First, flowers are expensive. Seriously. And I just can't wrap my head around dropping a house payment on stuff that will die in a week. Plus, I have never been a "traditional flower" kinda girl- I like bright neon greens, berries, and asymmetrical arrangements. So, I have decided we are going to use branches, twigs, & berries along with flowers in our wedding centerpieces. I love how organic and not-too-fussy they look, and they are both budget friendly and perfect for our venue (an outdoorsy 1700's Barn with an authentic thatched roof.) Check out some of my inspiration below.

And those of you who are coming to the wedding, try to act surprised.


Image via Barr Manison (by the talented Abby Daigle)

Image via Indie Bride

Image via Indie Bride

Image via Mod4

Image via Kee to Your Heart Blog

Image via LoveChristie Blog

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