Hoot. Woot. (30 for 30 Day 21)
Lauren in 30 for 30 Challenge, Fashion, Fashion Treats

The alternate tile for this post was "Back in Black." But then I changed my mind. (Because Hoot & Woot rhyme. And we found an owl to take pics with. And thats awesome.) Or maybe "Sinusitis-Rex," which is what the hubs has been calling me while I am sick. Either way, I'm trying to fancy up this plain-jane ensemble with a sassy title. Is it working?

And do you like my new, darker, a-shade-not-from-nature hair color? I haven't decided what I think about it yet, but its supposed to wash out in a month, so I guess if I decide I hate it its no biggie.

Now off to eat homemade pot pie and watch Wheel of Fortune with my hubs.
(I'm not kidding.)


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