Moustaches, Allergies & Christmas Trees & (30 for 30 Day 19)
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I think I'm allergic to my vest. Which is weird cause its faux. But everytime I wear it I need an extra Allegra (but I love it, so whatever. I'll just dope up.) Anywho, December is here, which means the hubs and I headed out to get our first married Christmas Tree. We bought a fake one last year, because our allergies are so bad, but the house just didn't smell like Christams so we decided to get a real one anyway. And just take more Allegra. (Are you sensing a theme here? Yes, I am allergic to EVERYTHING.) I looked for a farm in our area to no avail, so off to Home Depot we went. Geoff was so excited about how good all the lovely little trees smelled. I even took a picture of him smelling them. So dorky. And then we celebrated our haul with Mexican food and margaritas. Not a bad little holiday date night of I do say so myself.

So here is what I wore for the Christmas tree hunt. Luckily we found a giant tree for me to pose in front of earlier in the day. (So the post has a theme-Pretty clever, huh? Ok. Maybe not.) This outfit came together by grabbing several things I haven't worn in my remix in a while, piling them on, and hoping I don't look dumb. I actually like how it came out- especially the world's longest socks bunched up over skinny jeans. Only 11 more looks to go...

And last but not least...No more Moustache!! YAY! Movember is over and the hubs' face has returned to its normal (creepy-moustache-free) state. He raised $578 & his team raised $1474 for men's cancer charities. Thank you to all who donated & for all the guys that dontaed their upper lips for a month. I am so proud of my baby!

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