7 Things (& 30 for 30 Day 22, 23, & 24)
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Happy Happy Monday to you all! How was your weekend? I have to say, Friday was one of the best days ever- everyone seemed to be in the Holiday spirit. I took a little trip over to Northpark to pick up a few things & I swear people were smiling and chatty and happy left and right. And I got about 12 compliments on my fave turquoise shoes. And a compliment on your shoes always slaps a smile on your face, right? Right. 

Also, I have been tagged!! In my couple of years of blogging I have never been tagged by another blogger on anything. And now I've been tagged by 2! Thank you to lovely Jen over at Pretty in PDX and Jo at Daily Haiku for asking me to share. Here are 7 things about moi:

1. I have had 7 car wrecks- all of them my fault. And I smashed up a Vespa while studying abroad in Sicily.

2. When I was in 4th grade I took sewing classes and made my own clothes for fun. See photo evidence below. Yeah, I made that.


3. Hope this next one isn't odd to share, but I don't think it should be embarrassing as lots of people deal with the same thing everyday. I have had terrible skin for most of my life. And I tried everything to get rid of my acne. Finally, this past year, I had a series of 10 painful laser treatments and now I have perfect clear skin! Uncomfortable? Yes. But so worth it.

4. My husband is my best friend. (Ok, so this may not be crazy or weird or unexpected, but its true. And awesome.)

5. I have a terrible sense of smell. Most of the time, I can't really smell anything. I think its related to my allergies and what the Hubs refers to as my "Alien Nose Polyps."

6. I'm addicted to Audiobooks. My Audible subscription is one of my most favorite things ever. Its the only thing that keeps me from getting road rage (see #1.) Fave Audible listens: Life of Pi, The Forgotten Garden, The Girl Series & Her Fearful Symmetry.  

7. My hands-down, all-time favorite food is cereal. Actually, I am eating it for dinner right now. 

Ok, I have to say, I am a remix slacker. I blame the cold/strep/sinusitus I've had for a month. Nobody wants to see some lady in her sweats. But now I'm back in full force & ready to do this thing! Check out Days 22, 23 & 24...


And because sometimes you forget to charge your camera: Number 24.


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