Its a Plaid World (30 for 30 Day 3)
Lauren in 30 for 30 Challenge, Fashion

Good morning and welcome to Day 3 of the 30 for 30 Challenge. I have to say, I thought this little adventure would be really restrictive for me and that I wouldn't have many ideas, but it has been just the opposite. It may sound odd, but by limiting my pieces I feel like I have a ton more ideas for how to style them. I guess its easy to get overwhelmed with "stuff"- endless things taking up space- but when you really buckle down and use what you have, it can be just as exciting as weekly shopping trips. (Now I just shop in my closet...)

Anyway, enough on the anti-consumerism rant...I will always love to shop, I am just choosing to focus those funds on the big picture now- a house and future. And I really think this 30 for 30 Challenge will help me do so.

Any of you have any 30 for 30 ephiphanies yet?



30 for 30: Day 3

30 for 30: Day 3 by OliveandBleu featuring a cotton jacket


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