Green Wedding Shoes

Ok, I know its bad luck for the groom to see the wedding dress before the ceremony... but is it bad luck for the groom to see your wedding shoes? I say no. On that note, I just got my wedding shoes in the mail-and I am so excited! Aren't they so cute? While I tend to be a high-heel girl (the higher the better, I say) we are having an outdoor wedding and I am afraid my heels would sink into the grass. Plus, these will be so much easier to dance the night away in! And, green is my all time fave color, and I am having a green sash made for my dress as well, so the look is all coming together...I love the look of this green sash (below) with the flower at the waist-I will be sporting a similarly fabulous look at our nuptials.

While we are on the subject of Green Wedding Shoes...that also happens to be the name of a wedding blog I have become obsessed with. Visit Jen, a newly wed herself, as she explores all things matrimony-chic. Thank you for your constant stream of inspiartion Jen-I can't get enough!

Photo Via Green Wedding Shoes

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