Anthropologie...pure gorgeous genius!

Oh. My. Goodness.  I almost passed out from pure joy when my new June Anthropologie Catalog came in the mail. Why you ask?! If you know me at all, you know what an Anthro-junkie I am, but this catalog literally knocked my socks off. 

So, what do Hatch Show Print, My fave city ever (Austin), and my new fave singer Lenka have in common? They are all in this month's Anthropologie Catalog.

I love that they partnered with Hatch Show Printone of the oldest working letterpress print shops in America, to design this gorgeous piece. I have loved the Hatch aesthetic since design school, and was so pleased to see it blend so beautifully with the whimsical look Anthropologie always achieves.

Also, they shot it in AUSTIN! Yay! I loved flipping through seeing some of my old haunts. 

And, if this wasn't cool enough, they threw in a section of up and coming bands wearing Anthro outfits. Check out Lenka- super cute and retro and on a non-stop loop on my iPod right now. Love Her!

Oh Anthropologie, what will you come up with next? Please enjoy some excerpts from the June 09 catalog below!

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