Too Good Not to Share

This is for all my designer people. Clients From Hell. We all have them, and it is so fun to have hilarious horror stories round them all up in one place. I will be sure to refer back to this site when I am having a nightmare client day. Thank you to How About Orange for her fab post about this site. A few gems are below, and be sure to visit Clients From Hell to read more client ridiculousness.

Some of my faves (content from

"A client once asked me to produce a banner for them and the dimension should have been 12 by 3 centimeters. She measured it on her screen using a ruler."

“I have a design already made, or at least I know exactly what I want so it should be easy for you if you’re a good designer. Also, I would built this site myself but I don’t have time. It is a very straight forward build that I could do myself so I expect to not have to pay for this.”

I was working on an identity for a client and we where discussing paper for their stationery. I had made recommendations and the client called to ask me to email him a sample of the paper so he can feel it. After 2 minutes of arguing that I cannot email a physical sample, the client said “Ok, fine. If you can’t email it, then at least fax it to me.”.

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