Too Much Coffee...Not Enough Table

I have had quite a bit of coffee today. Way too much. Which means I am surfing my usual blogs at super-duper speed. And speaking of coffee...I have decided today that I need a new coffee table situation. My current situation is this: I have 2 vintage trunks, one deep brown and one silver aluminum, stacked on top of each other that currently serve as my living room catch-all. And though I love these vintage trunks, its time for something new. With that said, here is a roundup of all the coffee table possibilities I am drooling over. I'll let you know what I decide....

This one is from Wisteria, available here. Love the industrial touch of the casters on the bottom. This is too pricey for me, but maybe I could add some casters to the bottom of another table that I have distressedOk, so how girly and lovely is this lucite and mirror-topped table from Capitol Furnishings (available here.) Its like a big yummy peice of jewelry for your living room. I know, however, that this one is way out of reach because the price is listed as "available upon request." Which basically means "if you got a degree in art, there is no way you can afford this table." Sigh.
Wouldn't two of these little guys side-by-side be adorable? I love the gothic-y French feel of the legs mixed with the minimalist top. And the shelves provide a perfect place to store the baskets I keep craft supplies in for easy reach while watching whatever's on Bravo...

And of course, I love the classic black design of this Pottery Barn Table. Classic & Stylish.

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