Gooco Loco!
Lauren in Crafty Goodness

Gocco- its the little machine that could. This thing can seriously print anything you want! How have I just discovered such a wonder? So now, of course, I'm obsessed. I am picturing long weekends in my pj's printing cards, tshirts, dish towels, whatever....
For those of you who don't know, Gocco is a tiny screen printing machine with a MILLION applications. See the following link for details:
In celebration of this lovely little printing wonder, I picked some favorite Gocco creations from Etsy to share. Please to enjoy...
1. Blue Cardinal Gocco Print by papersparrow
2. Little Birds Gocco print by StudioMIKMIK
3. Flying Shoes Art Card by twoguitars
4.Gocco Screen Print, Fancy Bird no. 2, Red by BridBird
5. Owl Gocco Print by Kerry Beary

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