I have ISSUUs...

This post has a double dose of super-smarty-pants-ness going on.

First, I am so fascinated by the website Issuu.com. Here, anyone can publish basically whatever they want and anyone can read it (in a very lovely flash format.) The types of publications on this free service run the gamut from catalogs of product, to beautifully designed monthly design mags, to the rantings of crazy people. Its all there. I can't wait to figure out what I will publish...

OK, second, my favorite publication on Issuu is Fellow Magazine by James Saavedra, interior designer with exquisite taste. His Monthly Mag has everything from adorable product recommendations, to style reports, to recipes, to reviews on design books. Brilliant! Check out some images (and James' Bio) from the latest issue below and read the whole thing here. Enjoy!

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