Needlepoint- Not just for grannies anymore!

That's right ladies- its not just for Grannies anymore. My friend Heather (she's a super crafter)was telling me of her love for needlepoint at craft night last night and was totally surprised by all of the gorgeous designs out there! Guess what I'll be doing while Geoff watches endless amounts of football....

Jonathan Adler is so smart- damn him and his creativity!! Aren't these pillows so funny?! Like the Anti-Needlepoint.

I love the needlepoint Animal print- like rocker grandma! Available from Jayson Home and Garden.

So in love with these stitch-able journals from AMH Design. Beautiful!
Embroider your own Photo Album with this kit from AMH Design.
See the kit below....What a fun project for a chilly day!

This is adorable! Needlepoint yummies from Nicole Gastonguay
( look how sad the Salisbury steak is!)

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